Welcome to Campbell’s Classic Dairy!

If you are looking for Grade A RAW MILK in Texas, then you’ve just found the place. We are a permitted Grade A RAW MILK retailer located 1 mile south of Cleburne, Texas or about 45 minutes south of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

We are a FAMILY owned and operated business. Our family has resided in Johnson County for the past 25 years. Our daughters began showing Dairy Cattle in the Johnson County area at a young age. As they grew older and we had a son all three of them became very competitive in the Dairy Cattle shows both major and here in Johnson County. First this was just a way to provide a learning experience for our children but as we got deeper into it we were able to begin milking to raise other animals on our farm. The short story is that the CAMPBELL’S CLASSIC DAIRY is the result of our children showing and learning with our dairy cattle for the previous 9 years. We have the experience of milking over these years and with all the request from consumers wanting to purchase the milk, we now have the permit to fulfill consumer’s requests.

We take great pride and care in our dairy cattle and in our products in order to bring to you the best product available. This is why our GRADE A RAW MILK does not contain antibiotics or added hormones. Click here & here to read an article on why GRADE A RAW MILK is the only way to go for you and your family.

Our family has been drinking GRADE A RAW MILK for years. We enjoy the health benefits of our delicious cold (with the cream on top) RAW MILK. As America is moving more away from processed foods and closer to RAW healthy foods, the CAMPBELL’S CLASSIC DAIRY is available today, ready to provide our consumers with all the vitamin rich goodness that GRADE A RAW MILK provides. There are also many recipes that go great with the GRADE A RAW MILK. Browse our website to enjoy all the treats and healthy goodness the CAMPBELL’S CLASSIC DAIRY GRADE A RAW MILK can bring to your family.

Milk is available in 1 gallon containers. It is available 24/7 from the refrigerator in front of the barn. This milk is provided through the honor system.
Please make appointments for all other products.

CAMPBELL’S CLASSIC DAIRY is open daily. Please call in advance on major holidays.

If you need 10 or more gallons please give a 24 hour notice.